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Pennyful.com is a wonderful website that combines fantastic cash back offers, the latest coupons and flexible payout options, to help you 'shop your money’s worth.

-Minutes for Mom

Not only do you get to shop at great online stores, you get cash back with your purchases, you can find and use valid coupons (7373 to be exact!), check out the latest sales AND discover and compare product prices!! Talk about everything you need to have a totally fun shopping experience!

-Shop with Me Momma

Why click over to one of your favorite stores you shop at anyway on your own, when a simple step through Pennyful will get you cash back? It’s a no-brainer!

-Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous

There is no reason to spend money on full priced items when you can save money with Pennyful.com. With their years of online cash back shopping experience, they have become a leader in today’s market.

-Makobi Scribe

I’ve seen my share of cashback sites and some of them… well let’s just say they can come with strings. But not Pennyful.com. It’s truly free to sign up – all I had to do was put in my email address and choose a password. And just like that, I could start shopping.

-Musings from a Stay at Home Mom

I truly feel like I got a great deal... and the cash back rebate is an excellent reward for using the site to do my shopping.

-5 Minutes for Mom

Over the years, I have tried out numerous cash back sites. What makes Pennyful.com different is they allow you to request payment for any amount of available cash back posted to your account. This simply means there is no minimum payout.

-Bargain Briana

You can earn cash back on just about any purchase you make online and you can also use Pennyful’s search functionality to easily compare prices between products – everything from sunglasses to makeup to DVD’s.

-Deals 4 Dummies

A very easy shopping experience where you will get a rebate on pretty much any product you can think of!

-Family Focus Blog

I’m a horrible decision maker because I’m always afraid I’ll buy something and then find a better deal somewhere else. Pennyful.com helps me make a decisive choice and feel confident in my decision making.

-Mommies with Cents

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